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Heading to Radisson and Caniapiscau

PostPosted: Tue Jan 16, 2007 5:20 pm
by Mercedesrover
Hi All.

Just registered and thought I’d say hi.

If all goes to plan we’ll be heading up to Radisson and out to Caniapiscau in July. Has anyone here driven the last part past Brisay?

I’m hoping to do a little fishing while we’re up there so any advice on guides will be helpful. I know there’s an outfitter at Caniapiscau but they require a three-day minimum.

We’re taking my old ’74 Land Rover. It’s been rebuilt and is powered by a Mercedes diesel so it’s pretty reliable. We took it to Newfoundland and Labrador last summer so traveling in this old truck isn’t something new to us.

Thanks for any information you can offer and I look forward to sharing information about the trip over the next few months before we go.


PS. Here's a picutre of my truck on the lower section of the Trans-Lab.