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Howdy from Texas

Postby ememjammer » Mon Sep 17, 2007 11:05 am

So I was off work and surfing and found this place and thought I would join up. I don't have much more to say right now except I need to start reading some of the older posts to get up to speed before I can start posting.

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Postby Jeff_Tatterson » Mon Oct 01, 2007 7:59 pm

As you can see we are a real active bunch. One of the problems you have to deal with when it comes to the James Bay Road is the lack of good information. I think that was one of the things that actually attracted me to it. It doesn't even show up on all maps and it is probably the only 'adventure' route left to those of us east of the Mississippi. One of the unexpected surprises to me about the road was just getting to it. Quebec is wonderful, big and friendly. The Cree are a shy people but once they see you a couple of times they will warm up real fast.
I am planning a trip in 2008. I hope to drive a 1965 M-B that I am rebuilding. The last time I drove a 1991 Saab 900. This time I think we will go to Wemindji instead of Chisasibi. If you've travelled the Al-Can, JBR will be easy.
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