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Km 101
Km 105: Junction with bush road R1023, running east from the Road.

Km 106: Information panel: "Mineral Exploration Demystified"

Km 110: In the fall
Km 123
Km 130: Spaced out at intervals along the Road are emergency telephones (cell phones don't work up here). These emergency phones are indicated by these signs.

Information panel: "Glacial deposits."

Km 135: Emergency telephone ("Louise").

Forest fire in 1997 here caused by lightning extends through km151.

These emergency phones are always located right by microwave towers. The diesel generator (beside the building) provides power for the tower and the phone.
Km 136: Site of forest fire in 1997
Km 142: The Road passes a large bog on the east side.
Km 142: Typical bog scenery. There's a lot of bogs in this part of the world.
Km 142: Taiga: black spruce and boggy ground.
Km 142: Cranberries grow in bogs, and there's lots of them here.
Km 146: Burned over area.

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