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Km 161: There's a trail to the top of the nearby ridge on the west side of the Road. The view from the top is well worth the short climb! Please stay on the trail to avoid damaging the surrounding vegetation.
The beginning of the trail.


One easy way to find this trail is to watch to the west for this sign at the top of the ridge, visible from the Road.
This is the sign at the top of the ridge.

Here is the English translation of this poem (courtesy of D. Beaudry)

Northern Encounter

I am the space occupied by the wind,
The clock where time as you know it stops,
For unto me unfurls the carpet of the ages.
I am the land of pitch black nights,
The cathedral of silky northern lights.
I am the house of cold,
The refuge for innumerable silences,
The great motionless stage.
I am the territory of carnivorous desires,
Of primeval dangers.
I am the work of the Gods,
The Great Outlet.
I am the world's end,
Its beginning.
I am all directions,
All possibles.

I am Immensity.

--Isabelle Lessard, 2003


There's a long view on the far side of the ridge. A series of bogs lie in the valley.

Here's a panoramic movie of the view from the top of this ridge
If you have a high speed broadband Internet connection, choose the High resolution size (640x480).
Otherwise select the Regular resolution (320x240) size.

Looking back down at the road. As you can see, it's not very far up to the top.
These unique lichen circles are in many places on the bare rocks on top of the ridge.

PLEASE DO NOT GO OFF THE TRAIL or the platform at the top -- you may inadvertently damage the special beauty of these lichens and other plants. If you must leave the trodden areas, please do so with great care.

Another far ranging view from the ridge top.
All in all, a profusion of tundra life!

Km 189: Rodayer Lake campground, 0.5 km west of the Road. Picnic tables, toilets, no shelters, boat launching ramp, fishing. This is a very basic campground, little more than a parking lot.

Km 192: Fishing site

Km 200: Fishing site

Km 201: Emergency telephone ("Colomb")
Km 204: Fishing site
Km 212: Access road possibly reaches to Colomb Lake, to the west. No sign.
Km 215: Fishing site

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