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Km 384: First view of a major hydro transmission line from the James Bay Hydro Project.

Km 391, Km 394, Km 395: Eastmain River

Km 391: Information panels: "Experimental reforestation techniques for an outstanding road" & "An exceptional bridge for an exceptional road."

This is worth a stop as there are photos of the construction of the Eastmain River bridge (up ahead).

Km 391: Archival photo from the Information panel of the Eastmain bridge construction.
Km 391: Archival photo from the Information panel of the Eastmain bridge construction.
Km 394: Eastmain River campground, 2.5 km west of the Road. Picnic table(1), toilet(1), no shelters, fishing.

This is a very basic campground, little more than a parking lot.


Km 394: Eastmain River campground.
A trail along a small road leads to viewpoint under the Eastmain River bridge (200 m). It starts at the far end of the campground (visible here).
Km 394: Eastmain River campground.
This is the trail to the viewpoint. You can drive along it, but it is narrow, and there is very limited space to turn around at the end.
Km 394: Eastmain River campground.

The view from under the Eastmain River bridge at the end of the trail.


Km 395: Eastmain River. Architecturally this is the prettiest bridge along the Road, but you can't really see it from the Road  - there's a short access trail from the Eastmain River Campground (see km 394 above). This bridge won a prize for the architecture and engineering.
The partially empty channel of the Eastmain River can be viewed looking east from the bridge. Park near either end of the bridge, before the guardrail, and walk out to take a look. A large part of the water of the Eastmain River was diverted northward to feed into the La Grande River. This may be what the Rupert River will look like in a few years! There was a forest fire here in 2005.
Eastmain River bridge, looking north.
Eastmain River bridge, looking south.
A view of the bridge from just off the road. This is as good a view as you'll get from the Road.
A view upstream. Near the bridge the river looks fairly normal.
However, if you look farther upstream with binoculars or a telephoto lens, you will see that this huge river is indeed greatly diminished. It is but a shadow of its former self.


One final view upstream from near the north end of the Eastmain River bridge.
A view downstream from the bridge.

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