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Km 396: Hydro Quebec access road, leading east. The sign says no unauthorized vehicles allowed. But even though the sign says no access, there is no patrol of any kind. It is possible to drive to the Opinaca réservoir and La Sarcelle.Rough road. Click here for a map.
Km 404: Power lines. Nothing particularly special about these. Just showing what they look like.

Km 411: Opinaca River

The bridge over the Opinaca River.

Lightning caused a forest fire here in 1989.

There's a nice waterfall just west of, and almost under, the bridge. It is only visible by standing on the bridge, or by scrambling carefully down the slope through the alders right beside the bridge -- be careful not to slip into the river.
This river has had a large part of its flow diverted north to the La Grande River. 
Notice the brown colour of the water. This is the result of tannic acid leached from spruce and other trees.
Looking up the Opinaca River from under the bridge.

Km 422: Duxbury Lake is visible to the west in the distance.
Km 431: Typical roadside scenery and forest through this area.
Km 436: I took this movie from the car while driving (shhh ... don't tell the safe driving people!) to give an idea of what it's like just driving along the road. Feel free to skip it if this sounds like a waste of time to you -- it's mainly here for the benefit of remote road addicts (like me)! At the end of the movie you will see one of the many red squirrels of the area making a suicide dash across the road right in front of my car.
Km 439: Another forest fire area up ahead.
Km 440: Chaine du Lacs (Chain of Lakes) campground, 2 km east of the Road. Picnic tables, toilet(1), no shelters, boat launching ramp. This is a very basic campground, little more than a parking lot.
Km 440: Access road to Chaine du Lacs (Chain of Lakes) campground.
Km 444: Emergency telephone ("Aline")
Km 446: Interesting iron ore rocks by the side of the road. Rub the rocks - you will smell the iron on your finger.
Km 455: A bog-lake.
Km 463-475: Nice scenery, views of rocky hills.

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