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Km 463: View to the east of Kamatapukamaw Lake
Km 463: A Cree Indian camp. These are spread out along the James Bay Road and other roads in the area. They pretty well the only buildings you will see along the Road.
Km 464: Riviere Vieux Comptoir (Old Factory River) rest stop. Picnic table(1), toilet(1), no camping. Information panel: "Once upon a time...the Earth".

This photo is looking north down the hill towards the river.

A large forest fire was caused by lightning here in 1989, which extended through to Yasinski Lake.

Km 464: Riviere Vieux Comptoir (Old Factory River).

One of the largest culverts in the world is here.

Km 467: Very nice view of Old Factory Lake to the west.


Km 467: Old Factory Lake.
Km 467: Lac Vieux Comptoir (Old Factory Lake) - rest area right alongside the Road. Very nice view of Old Factory Lake to the west, especially at sunset. Picnic tables, toilets, no shelters, camping. No fires. This is a very basic campground.

This area was called the "Painted Hills" by the Cree.

Information panels.

Km 467: Rocky hills to the west.
Km 467: Factory Lake and rocky hills
Km 467: The view from the top of one of these hills.
Km 467: At the top looking back down to the James Bay Road. There's no trail.
Km 469: Mistanikap Lake is visible to the east
Km 469
Km 475 (approx)
Km 477: Many areas here are very sandy, with forests of Jack Pine.
Km 482: Hydro Quebec microwave tower ("Sakami"). No emergency phone.
Km 488: Information panel: "The trucks of the north." This isn't a photo of that, but is a photo of the representative forest here.
Km 503: Miron Lake, 1 km east off the Road. Campground, picnic tables, toilet(1), boat launching ramp, fishing, no shelters. This is a very basic campground, little more than a parking lot. Go down the access road a ways, then turn left at the Indian hunt camp.

This area was used as a trapper's camp and worker's camp in the past. Miron Lake was called "The crosswise house lake" in the past by the Cree.

Km 504: Emergency telephone ("Chantal")
Km 517: Information panel.

Nice wetland here.

It's good to stop every now and then and get out of the car and simply have a look around at what's there.

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