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This is the most complete and detailed guide to the James Bay Road, North Road, and Trans Taiga Road and the surrounding region that can be found anywhere on the Internet. It is based on information from the James Bay Municipality and other sources, including my own trips to the region, corrected and updated to September 2004. Please email me with any corrections and updates!

General Travel information

There are various other maps scattered throughout the site in places relevant to their content.

The Roads - detailed information and travel guides

  • Travel Guides to the roads

  • James Bay Road - The main road through the James Bay region

  • Hwy 109 - This is the main route used to reach the beginning of the James Bay Road

  • North Road - This is an alternate route to reach the bottom part of the James Bay Road

  • Trans-Taiga Road - This is a very remote road that runs 666 km east from near the top end of the James Bay Road

There are only two towns located  right on the James Bay Road: Matagami at the southern end, and Radisson at the very north end. Other towns are accessible via long side roads (usually about 100km).
In order from south to north...

Virtual Tours
A Virtual Tour is essentially a detailed guide to a road or an area, with all the info of the Detailed Travel Guides, plus LOTS of photographs. It's a way of visiting without leaving home.

Movies of some locations along the James Bay Road - CLICK HERE

Trips that I have made up to the James Bay area, with photographs and commentary.

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Keeping it nice!

This is a relatively pristine and unmolested area (in spite of the giant hydro-electric projects). Please do your share to help keep it this way:

 • Carry out all your garbage with you, and dispose of it properly in the garbage bins located at every rest stop and campground entrance. 
 • If you make a campfire, make it in an established fire pit, use only dead wood, and make sure it is fully out before leaving it.
 • Some campgrounds are being impacted by off-road vehicles - please stay on the roads. 
 • One of the prime attractions up here is the SILENCE - and that's what many people come up here for. Please keep your noise to a minimum.


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