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September 2005 Travelogue

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The Eastmain River, at km 395 of the James Bay Road. Fall colours are just about at their peak up here (Sep 10).

Please note that in this travelogue, I am not featuring many of the sites along the James Bay Road that are very scenic or noteworthy, as I have portrayed these in other Travelogues on this site, as well as in the Virtual Tours. My focus for this trip was the Rupert River (as always!) and the Trans-Taiga Road.

Blue sky!! It cleared off (or so I thought).

This is at km 410 of the James Bay Road, still heading north.

Nice waterfall on the Opinaca River, at km 411.
I took this movie from the car while driving (shhh ... don't tell the safe driving people!) to give an idea of what it's like just driving along the road. Feel free to skip it if this sounds like a waste of time to you -- it's mainly here for the benefit of remote road addicts (like me)! At the end of the movie you will see one of the many red squirrels of the area making a suicide dash across the road right in front of my car. It's at km 436.

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Nice hills at Old Factory Lake (km 467)
At km 544 of the James Bay Road I turned right (east) onto the Trans-Taiga Road. Bye bye to pavement for 1200 kms!
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