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September 2004 trip

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On Saturday morning I continued north along the James Bay Road.

Here's a view north at km 80.

I stopped at this bog at km 142 for awhile to investigate the plants and wildflowers. For some reason I really like bogs. Don't know why.


I found Large Cranberry plants with ripening fruit - millions of the berries!
Bogs can be open, like fields, or forested. Both types are up here. Here's what the typical forested bog up here looks like.
This region has experienced a number of forest fires over the years. This area at km 146 burned just a couple of years ago.
At km 162 there's a really nice trail to the top of a ridge. There's no sign along the road. But the presence of this sign on the top of the ridge is a very big clue!

It's a short walk and well worth the time!

A far-ranging view from up top!

Those are bogs down below in the valley.

Beautiful rocks, spruce trees, and ridges!
Fresh ripe juicy blueberries up on top of the ridge! They were delicious.
And these unusual mushrooms growing amongst the lichens. They looked kind of leathery. Never seen any like them before.
And on the rocks lichens were growing in these circular patterns.

Naturally I trod carefully to avoid damaging this fragile ecosystem.

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