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Virtual Tour of the Chisasibi area

This is the junction of the Chisasibi Road at Km 600 of the James Bay Road, 20 km south of Radisson.

The LG-1 dam and hydro-electric power generating station is located just off the Chisasibi Road, 62 km from the James Bay Road.
Looking downstream from the LG-1 dam.
From LG-1 you can travel the unpaved road to Longue Pointe, 48 km away. Longe Pointe is on James Bay. This road is unpaved the whole way.

To access this road, simply cross the LG-1 dam and continue on.

James Bay at Longue Pointe. This is actually part of the Arctic Ocean.
Another view of James Bay at Longue Pointe

Returning to the Chisasibi Road, it continues west to Chisasibi (which is actually just off the main road), and then past the airport to the La Grande River where it ends.

This photo shows Km 0 of the Chisasibi Road.

The La Grande River at Km 0 of the Chisasibi Road.
This is the old ferry to Fort George Island.
The ferry landing to Fort George Island. The Cree used to live on Fort George Island, but were relocated to Chisasibi when the Hydro Quebec Project was being built. It was thought that Fort George Island would erode quickly and disappear due to the increased flow of water in the La Grande River, but so far this hasn't happened.

To reach James Bay, drive past this (you don't need to take the ferry).

James Bay, on the Arctic Ocean.
There's lots of these giant canoes lying around. The Cree use them to travel to their bush camps out on the Bay.
Very flat country.

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