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There are only two towns on the James Bay Road: Matagami at km 0, and Radisson at the end, km 620. There are also a number of towns accessible from the James Bay Road and North Road. There are no towns on the Trans-Taiga Road. All the towns listed below are accessible by road.

In order going north...

This is the beginning of the James Bay Road. This is your last chance to obtain gas and supplies for a long distance.

Nemaska (Nemiscau)
10 km north off the North Road, at km 300. It is 116 km east from km 275 of the James Bay Road.

This town is 102 km west from the James Bay Road (km 237) on the banks of the Rupert River where it empties into James Bay.

103 km to the west on the shore of James Bay at the mouth of the Eastmain River.

This town is 96 km west on James Bay.

Radisson is located at the very end of the James Bay Road. It has a population of only 300 people. Most services are available here. It is located a short distance north/west off the James Bay Road.

Chisasibi is located near James Bay on the La Grande River, about 110 km west of Radisson. The turn-off is south of Radisson at km 600 of the James Bay Road.

Brisay is a private Hydro Quebec town, located near the end of the Trans-Taiga Road. It is included in this list mainly because of its location.

Caniapiscau is at the end of the Trans-Taiga Road. It is not a town, but a destination.

Map of Cree communities of the region

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