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Virtual Tour of Radisson & the LG2 dam site

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The LG-2 Dam and Hydro Generation Site

The Robert-Bourassa Hydro-electric generating station is one of the largest in the world, with an installed capacity of 7,326 Megawatts.
The Robert-Bourassa Dam. This is the main dam holding back the La Grande River. It is over 50 stories high.
A different view of the whole dam.
Along one of the roads that wind their way around the dam area, there is a lookout tower which gives a great view of the dam.
You can drive freely just about anywhere above and below the dam.

This is a view of the dam from below. It is truly a huge structure.

The top of the dam. This is one of the few places where you are not allowed to drive. Probably because it's too dangerous. It's a very steep long way down should you go off the road!
The upriver side of the Robert-Bourassa dam.
This is a view downriver from the top of the dam.
This is known as the "Giant's Staircase". It is the overflow channel for the La Grande River, and is used in case the river has to be diverted away from the generators.
This is a view from the top of the "Giant's Staircase".
The control structure that holds back the water of Robert-Bourassa Lake. Yup, you can drive across it and take a look around.
A view looking downriver from the top of the dam. The water that is visible in the distance is the La Grande River downriver from where its water is returned to it after passing through the hydro generating station.

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