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Don't have the time to travel up the James Bay region and back? Don't like long drives? Live too far away (overseas?) to make the trip? Can't get away?

Join me for a Virtual Tour of the James Bay Road!

This section of the website is a detailed photographic journey of the James Bay Road, from its beginning at km 0 to the end at km 620. It also incorporates all of the information in the Travel Guide to the James Bay Road.
It will be of interest both to those who cannot travel up the Road, as well as to those who are planning a trip here, as there is a lot of valuable information in these pages.

I have included photos not just of the highlights of the Road, but also representative photos of various places along the Road. There's a lot of photos of roads, as well as photos of a number of road signs, to help give you a feeling of "traveling" the Road. As well, the virtual tour pauses from time to time to look at the natural surroundings and country that the Road runs through.

Please note that the photos were taken during four different trips along the Road, and therefore depict differing seasons and weather conditions.

See also Driving the James Bay Road, and Travelogues.


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