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Mont Laurier

Mont Laurier is located near the beginning of the James Bay Road at km 10, not very far north of the town of Matagami. There is an extensive network of many miles of trails surrounding the hill, and this trail system may be accessed at km 10, km 12, and km 18.

The top of Mont Laurier is at an altitude of 1550 ft (about 480 m), a climb of 560 ft (about 185 m). You can climb to the top via trails and enjoy a magnificent view of Matagami's surroundings.  A straight hike up and back to the top would take about 1.5-2 hours. Note that it is a lot farther and higher than it looks from the road. It goes without saying (but I'll say it anyway) that one does not hike up to the top when thunderstorms are present in the area. Please also be careful to lose your way and stray off the trail. I found the trail at the summit of Mont Laurier to be rather poorly marked, so exercise awareness on top so you can locate the trail that takes you back down.



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