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Mont Laurier trail at km 10 of the James Bay Road. Note that it is a lot farther and higher than it looks from the road. The trail starts at the "Telebec Laurier" sign and is directly across the road from the Information panel.

This photo shows the start of the trail. It climbs by a roundabout route to the microwave tower at the top of the mountain, seen here in the distance. Don't block the gate when you park here.

You can ascend to the top one of two ways from here. A trail leads off to the left just past the first pole. Another trail leads off towards the right just below the small building seen in this photo. You can also take a "shortcut" trail part way up if your time is limited.


The beginning of the trail that leads to the top from km 10, going towards the left. I haven't hiked this route.


You can take a shortcut part way up the hill by following the powerline straight up the hill. This will take you to a good viewpoint, even though it isn't all the way to the top, and is a good alternative if you have limited time. This route will take you to the top of the hill in the very center of this photo. But this is only partway to the very top.

This trail starts on the right side of the small white building seen here.

At the small white building, just starting up the shortcut trail.
At the top of the shortcut route.
Looking the rest of the way up the hill from the shortcut viewpoint. Note that the trail drops into a depression before ascending the rest of the way to the top. I'm not even sure that there's a trail from here to the very top.

Also note that it's till quite a way to reach the top.


The trail that leads to the top from km 10, going towards the right. I have hiked all the way to the top along this route.

About 1/4 of the way up the "right hand trail". The trail is fairly easy to follow if you elect to take the "right" branch from the start.
The first viewpoint.
Farther up the trail passes through a quite different landscape than lower down. Lichens, moss, spruce trees and rocks dominate.
The view from the top, looking north.
The microwave tower and helicopter landing pad at the top.
Looking down from the top to the pull-off along the Road where the trail starts (it's the light spot in the center of the photo).
Looking south along the James Bay Road. Matagami is visible in the distance (but not in this photo).


Here is where the second access point to the Mont Laurier trail system is located, at km 12.

The trail leads up the abandoned road seen here. You can drive a short way up if you wish and park there, or simply park alongside the James Bay Road.


Here is where the third access point to the Mont Laurier trail system is located, at km 18.

The trail leads up the abandoned road seen on the far side of the James Bay Road here.  There's no sign along the road. Park along the road.

The abandoned road that forms the start of the trail at km 18. Note the sign to the right - this is the trail map.
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