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Photo by "Peter (uptick)"

Km 20 (approx): In the winter (February 2005). Nice icicles.

Photo by "Peter (uptick)". CLICK HERE to visit Peter's website and view the complete trip.

Photo by "Peter (uptick)"

Km 20 (approx): In the winter (February 2005).

Photo by "Peter (uptick)". CLICK HERE to visit Peter's website and view the complete trip.

Km 37: Matagami Lake campground. 76 camping sites, running water, sewage system (for RVs), showers, restrooms, fire places, beach, shelters, pavilion, boat launching ramp, fishing, playground, picnic tables. Open mid-June to Labour Day. There's a fee for camping here. (819) 739-4473.
Information panel at park entrance: "Surface deposits and the nature of forest populations".
Km 38: Waswanipi River.

Boat launching ramp just north of the bridge, east side of the Road. 10 km eastwards upriver from the bridge is the Red Falls, a spectacular sight. Fishing, toilets. "Waswanipi" is a cree word meaning "lake where we are fishing under torch light or water reflections".

Km 48: Junction with bush road R1025, running east from the Road. Leads to Olga Lake (Waswanipi River)(10 km) and Goeland (Gull) Lake (28 km). Campground on Olga Lake/Waswanipi River (10 km), with boat launch ramp, picnic tables and shelters(2), toilets(2). Nice campground, limited space.
Km 48: This is the access road (Bush Road R1025) which runs east from the James Bay Road to the Waswanipi River (Olga Lake) (10 km) campsite and Goeland (Gull) Lake (28 km).

The next five photos are at this campsite.

Km 48: Campsite on Olga Lake, 10 km east of the Road.
Km 48: Boat launch ramp into Olga Lake.
Km 48: Garbage Bin.

Yes, I'm sure you don't need to know what a garbage bin looks like!!  :)

This picture is here to remind you, if you make the journey up here, to please dump your garbage in these bins, and help keep this whole region clean and litter-free.

Km 48: And this picture is here to remind you that these facilities are partially supported by donations.

The sign says:
"Contrary to common belief, these premises are not financed through your hydro bill or gasoline taxes. This is why the Municipality would very much appreciate your support in order to maintain and improve these great services (suggested contribution: $5.00/day)."

Km 48: Sunset over Olga Lake

Km 49: Canet River.
Km 50: For the first 200 km of the James Bay Road, logging roads branch off into the forest on either side. As a result, you may encounter logging trucks from time to time.

Information panel: "Boosting forest rebirth"

km 60: Junction with bush road R1022, running east from the Road.
Km 70: There's a nice view of a small, unnamed river here.
Km 70: Looking north.
Km 78: In the autumn
Km 80: Looking north.
Km 80: Access road leading to Ouescapis Lake campground, 1.5km east off the Road.
Km 80: Ouescapis Lake campground, 1.5 km east off the Road. Picnic tables, shelters, toilets, boat launching ramp, fishing. Nice campsite, many sites. Note that the boat launch is ¾km from the actual campsite, and no camping is allowed at the boat launch itself. There appears to be an "overflow" camping area part way along the road to the boat launch, on the left. There's no tables or anything there, but it is an open area where you can park or place a tent.
Km 88: Information panel: "Forestry Activities"
Km 93: Nice fall colours!
Km 99: Muskeg River.

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