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Km 335: Fishing site

Km 343: 52nd parallel of latitude

Km 351: Junction with the Eastmain Road. Eastmain is a Cree village located 103 km to the west on the shore of James Bay, at the mouth of the Eastmain River. The road is unpaved.

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Km 358: Fishing site
Km 360: Typical roadside view in this area.
Km 360: A bog along the Road.
Km 362: Telebec "Eastmain" microwave tower. No emergency phone.
Km 366: Power lines leading to the town of Eastmain
Km 368: Fishing site

Km 372: Lac des Saules (Willow ake) - former campground on the east side of the Road (now closed). No sign.

This campground has been decommissioned. If you drive in here beware of nails in the gravel in the right half of the area.

Km 372: Lac des Saules (Willow Lake): boat landing and dock.
Km 380: Fishing site
Km 381: Relais Routier, managed by the James Bay Development Corporation. This is the only place to get fuel along the entire length of the James Bay Road. If you're going north, this is your last chance for 208 km. Going south, it's your last chance for 381 km. If you're headed along the Trans-Taiga Road, this is the last chance for fuel for 450 km.
 • Fuel (gas & diesel) is available 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week. The gas bar is straight in past the ambulance garage, near the back.
 • Garage is open 8:00am-6:00pm.
 • Cafeteria is open 5:30am-9:00pm.
 • Lodging is available in the dormitory, 24 hrs a day (819) 638-8502. In Sep 2005 a single room was $55, double $80 (plus taxes).
 • First aid services 24 hrs a day (819) 638-7948.
 • Telephone available at gas bar.
 • Four emergency phone cabins are located here.
In Sep 2005 gas was $1.34 per liter, diesel $1.23 per liter. But this was in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, when gas prices went a bit nuts.
Km 381: Watch for the sign
Km 381: This is what you see when you turn in. The gas and diesel fuel pumps are straight ahead past these buildings.
Km 381: The gas pumps.
Km 381: The Cafeteria.

This is basically a purely functional "rough-and-ready" service area; you don't come here for the architecture or pleasant surroundings.

Km 381: Heading north and then east along the Trans-Tauga Road? Then pay attention to this sign: It says there's no fuel for 500 km (actually 450 km)!
Km 381: If you're heading south, this is your last chance for fuel for 381 km (235 miles)!

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